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Knitted Fabric Air Fiber POE Pillow For Neck And Shoulders Pain

Knitted Fabric Air Fiber POE Pillow For Neck And Shoulders Pain

  • High Light

    Knitted fabric POE Pillow


    shoulder pain relief pillow


    Neck Pain POE Pillow

  • Style
  • Fabric
    Knitted Fabric
  • Filling
    Polyethylene Fiber
  • Size
  • Feature
    Washable, Anti-bacterial
  • Density
  • Color
  • Application
  • Item No.
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    TUV, SGS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    400PCS PER DAY

Knitted Fabric Air Fiber POE Pillow For Neck And Shoulders Pain

U-micco Air Fiber POE Pillow For Neck And Shoulders Pain


Air Fiber POE Pillow
Customized, Removable Cover, Hypo-allergenic, Washable
General Use
Home Furniture
Mail packing
Bedroom, Hotel, Apartment, Office, Hospital, School, Mall, Leisure Facilities, Other
Design Style
Place of Origin
Guangdong, China
Brand Name
Model Number
Polyethylene Fiber Pillow
Polyethylene Fiber Foam
Knitted fabric+Polyethylene Fiber foam
TUV0144202649a 001, SGS Food Grade
Knited Fabric


What is POE pillow?


POE pillow is our proprietary technology and material that makes up the core of our pillows. The raw material is graded pure imported medical grade, which can directly contact with food(Passed SGS food grade inspection). This is an environmentally friendly and hygienic polymer material. It has the property of water permeability, adhesion, high elasticity, antibacterial, environmental protection, adhesion, durability, which other materials do not possess.




It is safe, even when it burns. As U-micco fiber is made from polyester-elastomers, in the unlikely event of it catching fire and burning, the amount of toxic hydrogen cyanide gas that will be released is small.
Polyurethane, which is widely known as a cushion material, releases much more toxic hydrogen cyanide gas than U-micco fiber when it burns. Consequently it is disposed of in landfill sites.
Moreover, in recent years people are realizing that toxic gas is an issue when a fire breaks out in a confined or sealed space and there is a growing demand for cushion materials that do not release toxic gases in the unlikely event of these materials catching fire.


What Sleep Style Are You?
. Stomach- If you prefer sleeping on your stomach.
If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, the pillow should be low and soft to ensure that there is no strain on the neck and back.


. Side- If you prefer sleeping on your side.

When sleeping on the side, the pillow should be higher to lift your head up and enable your spine to follow a straight line.

. Back- If you prefer sleeping on your back.

If you prefer sleeping on your back, the pillow will support your neck while not being to high as to not overstretch your neck muscles.
How Does U-micco POE Mattress Keep Me in A Deeper Sleep?
Regular pillows force you to lie either too flat or at an odd angle, with your head and neck in an unnatural position. This pillow, with its doctor-designed Comfort Contours, keeps your head and neck in perfect alignment with your spine - no matter if you're on your back or on your side.



In Daily Life


U-micco fiber supports a new living environment. U-micco fiber is used in a variety of different items that support our daily lives. From furniture and bedding such as sofas and mattresses through to hospital and care facility mattresses as well as the seats on trains, from the individual through to the public organization, U-micco fiber supports our lives in a wide variety of fields.



Care and Use


Washing the core:

1. For the really big mess or just for seasonal cleaning, the core can be washed whenever needed.

2. Wash in the shower with soap & cool water or rinse outside with a hose.

3. Shake excess water out of core and stand-up to dry.

4. Place in well ventilated area for faster drying.

5. Avoid drying in direct sunlight and do not use heating elements to speed the drying process.



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