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Medium Firmness and Hypoallergenic Polymeric Headrest for Comfortable Sleep

Medium Firmness and Hypoallergenic Polymeric Headrest for Comfortable Sleep

  • Dry Cleanable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-static
  • Size
  • Firmness
  • Anti-mold
  • Cover
  • Odor Resistant
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
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  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
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Medium Firmness and Hypoallergenic Polymeric Headrest for Comfortable Sleep

Product Description:

The Polymer Pillow, with its innovative POE AIR FIBER filling, represents the pinnacle of comfort and hygiene in the world of synthetic pillows. This state-of-the-art product is specifically designed to cater to the needs of individuals who prioritize both comfort and cleanliness in their sleeping environment. The unique properties of the POE AIR FIBER make this synthetic pillow an exceptional choice for those seeking a restful night's sleep without the common drawbacks of traditional pillows.

One of the most significant attributes of the Polymer Pillow is its odor-resistant capability. This feature ensures that the pillow maintains a fresh scent throughout its usage. The odor-resistant quality is particularly beneficial for individuals who are sensitive to smells or who may suffer from allergies. This characteristic contributes greatly to creating a consistently pleasant and inviting sleep environment, making the Polymer Pillow a superior choice among synthetic pillows.

Moreover, this synthetic pillow is designed with dust mite resistance in mind. Dust mites are microscopic creatures that thrive in the warm, moist environment of traditional pillows, potentially causing allergic reactions and affecting respiratory health. The Polymer Pillow's dust mite resistant property provides a safeguard against these allergens, offering peace of mind and a healthier sleep surface. This is especially important for users with allergies or asthma, as it helps to minimize the triggers that can disrupt sleep and impair overall health.

The Polymer Pillow is thoughtfully crafted in an oval shape to provide ergonomic support and accommodate various sleeping positions. This shape helps in maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, thereby reducing the potential for neck and back pain. The oval design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, as it fits well into standard pillowcases while offering a modern touch to any bedding ensemble. The sleek contours of this synthetic pillow are engineered to cradle the head, neck, and shoulders, ensuring a comfortable and supportive rest throughout the night.

Additionally, the Polymer Pillow is inherently anti-mold, which is an essential feature for maintaining a clean and hygienic sleep environment. Mold and mildew can cause a range of respiratory issues and can be particularly problematic for individuals with compromised immune systems or mold allergies. The anti-mold properties of this synthetic pillow inhibit the growth of mold spores, keeping the pillow cleaner and fresher for longer. This not only extends the life of the pillow but also ensures that users can sleep soundly without concern for their health.

The innovative design and material composition of the Polymer Pillow place it at the forefront of the synthetic pillow market. The POE AIR FIBER filling is a testament to the latest advancements in pillow technology, providing a plush yet supportive structure that is both lightweight and durable. This high-quality filling adapts to the user's unique shape, offering a custom fit that maintains its loft and comfort over time. The Polymer Pillow is a perfect fusion of luxury and practicality, setting a new standard for what a synthetic pillow should be.

In conclusion, the Polymer Pillow is an exceptional product that combines comfort, health, and design. Its odor-resistant, dust mite resistant, anti-mold, and ergonomic features make it a standout choice for anyone in the market for a synthetic pillow. Whether you are looking to upgrade your sleep experience or seeking a pillow that aligns with your health-conscious lifestyle, the Polymer Pillow is equipped to meet and exceed your expectations. Experience the ultimate in sleep innovation with the Polymer Pillow, where every night is a promise of restorative sleep and every morning is a testament to its unparalleled comfort and support.


  • Product Name: Polymer Pillow
  • Anti-static: Yes
  • Material: Polymer
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Filling: POE AIR FIBER
  • Cover: Polyester/cotton
  • Keywords: Polymeric Bed Pillow
  • Keywords: Synthetic Headrest

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Machine Washable Yes
Anti-static Yes
Shape Oval
Material Polymer
Firmness Medium
Dry Cleanable Yes
Size Negotiable
Anti-bacterial Yes
Anti-mold Yes


The U-micco Synthetic Pillow, with the model number PILLOW, is a versatile product that has been expertly crafted in CHINA to enhance the sleeping experience of users across a variety of occasions and scenarios. This oval-shaped, medium firmness pillow is not only designed for comfort but also for health, as it is anti-bacterial and dust mite resistant. The U-micco Synthetic Pillow is ideal for those who value hygiene and want to maintain a clean sleeping environment.

One of the key application scenarios for the U-micco Synthetic Pillow is in the domestic setting. Whether it is for the master bedroom, guest room, or a child’s bedroom, this pillow provides the perfect blend of support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep. As it is machine washable, maintaining the pillow is hassle-free, which is essential for busy households. The pillow's certification from SGS/FDA assures users of its quality and safety, making it a trustworthy addition to any home.

Another scenario where the U-micco Synthetic Pillow shines is in the hospitality industry. Hotels and bed & breakfast establishments can offer their guests the luxury of a synthetic headrest that is not only comfortable but also hygienic. With its anti-bacterial properties and resistance to dust mites, guests can sleep soundly, knowing they are in a clean and allergen-free environment. Furthermore, the medium firmness of the pillow caters to a wide range of guest preferences, ensuring a pleasant stay.

Healthcare facilities can also benefit from the use of the U-micco Synthetic Pillow. In environments that require the utmost in cleanliness and hypoallergenic materials, this pillow meets the mark. Its easy-to-clean nature and certifications make it suitable for use in medical settings where health and safety are of paramount importance.

For retailers looking to stock the U-micco Synthetic Pillow, the minimum order quantity is 50, with a negotiable price point. The pillows come packaged in cartons, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. With a delivery time of 30 days and payment terms of T/T, U-micco ensures a smooth transaction process. Additionally, with the ability to supply 5000 pieces per month, retailers can be confident in meeting their customers’ demands.

In conclusion, the U-micco Synthetic Pillow is a superior synthetic headrest designed to suit various applications, from personal homes to commercial enterprises. Its combination of comfort, health benefits, and easy maintenance make it a highly sought-after product for anyone seeking a premium synthetic pillow to enhance their sleeping experience.


Brand Name: U-micco

Model Number: PILLOW

Place of Origin: CHINA

Certification: SGS/FDA

Minimum Order Quantity: 50


Packaging Details: CARTON

Delivery Time: 30DAYS

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 5000PCS/MONTH

Anti-bacterial: Yes

Cover: Polyester/cotton

Size: Negotiable

Odor Resistant: Yes

Dust Mite Resistant: Yes

Experience the comfort of our U-micco Polymeric Headrest, the ultimate in synthetic pillow innovation. Designed as a premium Synthetic Bed Pillow, it ensures a restful sleep free from bacteria, odors, and dust mites.

Support and Services:

Thank you for choosing the Polymer Pillow. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of technical support and services to ensure your complete satisfaction with our product. If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions regarding your Polymer Pillow, our support team is here to help.

To get started with troubleshooting, please refer to the comprehensive user manual that came with your pillow. It contains step-by-step instructions for setup, maintenance, and common issues. Additionally, we offer a range of services to enhance your experience:

- Online FAQs: Access our frequently asked questions on our website for quick answers to common problems.

- Instructional Videos: View our online tutorial videos that guide you through various features and maintenance procedures.

- Email Support: Should you need further assistance, our email support team is available to provide personalized help with any technical issues you may encounter.

- Warranty Service: Your Polymer Pillow comes with a limited warranty. If your product is defective and under warranty, we will provide repair or replacement options according to our warranty terms and conditions.

- Parts and Accessories: If you need to purchase replacement parts or additional accessories for your Polymer Pillow, these are available through our official channels.

We are committed to ensuring that your experience with our product is enjoyable and hassle-free. Our team is constantly working to improve our products and services, and we value your feedback. Thank you for choosing Polymer Pillow, and we look forward to serving you.